Following the Burgundy Line

Hi there. I'm Anne-Marie and started this blog because I wanted to share the many inspirations and cool, quirky designs that I come across in my travels. I'm constantly intrigued by the inspiration for fabulous interior design that comes from fashion, music, historic references, typography, photography, film and television - you name it I see it, and so do countless other unsung heroes in design.

It just so happens that I travel to different countries for my job so I try to keep my eyes open for new experiences from other cultures. Of course nothing beats home, and I love poking my nose around creative nooks and crannies here in the UK too.

The name for this site comes from the colour of the train line I use to start my journeys when travelling around London on the tube (subway/underground transport system) where I live. The Burgundy Line is actually the Metropolitan line, and for years has been my connection to the dangerously thrilling city that I'm lucky enough to call my hometown.

So here The Burgundy Line becomes my connection to all of you, and in hopes of shared delights and experiences, I invite you to sign up for notifications for my posts and hope you see something compelling enough to comment on.

Let the good times begin, all aboard!